More than 200 Texas business executives from 40 companies, government agencies and academic institutions, including WGU Texas, participated in the recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Cybersecurity Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Myles Vogel, Chief Information Officer and National Director of the College of IT at Western Governors University, spoke

by Veronica Vargas Stidvent, Chancellor, WGU Texas I recently had the opportunity to talk with state lawmakers who serve on the powerful House Higher Education Committee , and what I told them should come as no surprise to our WGU Texas Night Owls or those prospective WGU Texas students considering

Ronda was married with a six-month old daughter when her husband was killed in a car accident. The family was in the process of relocating to Houston, and her husband had left to Houston ahead of her when he was killed. In the blink of an eye Ronda’s life plans were disrupted and she found herself stuck in her home town, a single mother with a baby, little work experience, and only had a high school diploma.

Like many active-duty military service members, WGU Texas student Jennee Williams wanted to earn her college degree, but she found her work hours and family commitments made it difficult to achieve her dream. “A lot of the traditional online colleges didn't really work for me. I had certain timelines to

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