Like many active-duty military service members, WGU Texas student Jennee Williams wanted to earn her college degree, but she found her work hours and family commitments made it difficult to achieve her dream. “A lot of the traditional online colleges didn't really work for me. I had certain timelines to

The impact a teacher has on the children and youths whom they teach extends far beyond the classroom. At their best, teachers' lessons will be remembered for a lifetime. Teachers have the huge responsibility of helping to build character, teaching discipline and educating the future leaders of our country. You

Richard Gyebi’s dream is to see better lives for children in Africa. He wants to begin a nonprofit organization that will give these children access to computers. Until recently, the organization was only an idea, but now Richard says he has the motivation to turn his dream into a reality.

Christina Hackney knows about perseverance and priorities. She is a military spouse and a busy mother of four living in Beeville. Family comes first for Christina. And when she was diagnosed with cancer, her focus on family helped Christina fight the disease. Today, this cancer survivor is once again demonstrating

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