Free Career Assessment Can Help Degree Plan Choices

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So often when adults consider putting in the time and effort to earn a degree they find themselves asking, “What will I do with this degree?” This is typically followed quickly by “And, will I be happy?”

These are great questions to ask before you begin a degree plan. If you are considering applying, and find yourself looking at multiple programs in the WGU Texas website, here’s an additional website to visit along with ours: Wise Careers. In addition to the content you’d expect to find based on the name (interviewing advice, job search tips, marketing yourself and other very useful articles) there is an assessment tool that provides an in-depth analysis of your interests, work personality profile, and most likely choices for a satisfying career. Additionally, it populates a chart that lines up your interests with the appropriate WGU Texas degree plan to get you there.

Assessment feedback includes career descriptions, detailed career outlooks, and job profiles, so when you are looking at the degree plan information in our site you’ll know what you can do with the knowledge and skills you’ll gain, and if that’s going to be an engaging environment for you. You’ll be provided pages of interesting and useful feedback -  free  - immediately after you simply rank 71 questions. It’s a great exercise in checking your directions before you begin your degree program.

On the narrative side of the assessment you’ll learn about your interests, aptitude and temperament for various job types; and get a better understanding of the applicable reasoning, language and math required. You’ll explore whether you prefer working with people, things, or data, all of which helps create a picture of the kinds of careers that would be good fits for your temperament and interests. There’s a learning style snap shot that shows you optimum (as well as energy draining) environments for learning performance – something that can prove useful on both your learning and earning pathways.

Taking the assessment takes less than 15 minutes and may help save countless hours of frustration struggling to find your place “in the big picture” life affords. Some folks find taking these assessments fun and enlightening. What can you learn about yourself you didn’t know? What can you confirm?

If you would like a clearer glimpse into who you are, and what may make you happy and successful in your career, as well as which online degree programs can help get you there, go to Wise Careers and proceed to the free career assessment. What you learn may change the course of your career, and can certainly help inform your decision of which degree program to take

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