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“Education research convincingly shows that teacher quality is the most important schooling factor influencing student achievement. A very good teacher as opposed to a very bad one can make as much as a full year’s difference in learning growth for students…"

- Dan Goldhaber, Center for American Progress"

We’ve talked about the importance teachers serve in our society, and what better way to show our appreciation than to offer scholarships to working teachers looking to earn a graduate degree? WGU Texas is proud to offer the Teacher Education Achievement Scholarship program. This program provides qualifying, incoming licensed teachers with up to $2,000 ($500 per term for up to four terms) in financial support to earn a master’s degree and improve their teaching effectiveness.

The Houston Independent School District hosts Strategic Direction: the Effective Teachers Initiative. The initiative’s webpage points to the many reasons effective teachers are important including:

  • Effective teachers are the most important school-based factor in student learning.
  • Effective teachers can close the achievement gap.
  • Effective teachers have a lifelong impact on students.
  • Effective teachers are a good investment.
  • Effective teachers benefit the whole community.

Committed teachers looking to increase their effectiveness can earn an online master’s degree while still working and balancing life and family. And they can provide leadership in their classrooms and communities like Moses Mendoza.

The deadline to apply for the Teacher Education Achievement Scholarship is June 31. Please see additional information on the scholarship webpage. Full descriptions for degree programs included for eligibility under the scholarship program can be found in our Teachers College.

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