WGU Texas Graduate Bob Titus Featured in New York Times

Bob Titus

Photo courtesy of Michael Stravato
for The Texas Tribune

At WGU Texas we’re built with the understanding that adults come to us knowing different things and they learn at different paces. We also recognize students want to earn a degree for different reasons. For some, it’s to improve their ascent on the career ladder. For many parents, it is to be an example for their children. For others, it can be a deeply personal journey to simply prove to themselves they CAN.

For Bob Titus, recent WGU Texas graduate, it was to make good on a promise to his mother. As a young man Bob dropped out of college after his freshman year to join the service. His mother, distraught with his choice to enlist before completing the degree, made him promise he would one day complete his degree.

This year, Bob made good on that promise and earned his Bachelor of Science – Marketing Management as part of WGU Texas’ inaugural graduating class. Bob is 80 years old. Read his story here in the New York Times.

Congratulations Mr. Titus, well done!

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