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Texas Online MBA Degree Programs

Earn an Accredited Online Master’s in Business

WGU Texas offers three online MBA programs: an MBA with a focus on leadership and strategy, an MBA in Information Technology Management, and an MBA in Healthcare Management. WGU Texas also offers an online master’s in management and leadership and a master's in accounting. Designed for experienced business professionals with real-world experience, these online master’s in business programs will give graduates a leg up on the competition.

Online MBA, M.S. in Management, and M.S. in Accounting Degree Programs

Explore the online master’s in business degrees offered at WGU Texas:

With an online master’s in business from WGU Texas, you will rise above the competition with a credential that is respected among employers. Designed with the input and support of our Business Program Council and National Advisory Board, WGU Texas’ online MBA, M.S. in Management and Leadership, and M.S. in Accounting degree programs are relevant and adhere to the requirements of today’s business leaders.

Earn a Respected Online MBA at WGU Texas

Business acumen—combined with managerial competence and technical skills—matters in business. Professional advancement in this competitive field often depends on it. WGU Texas’ online MBA, M.S. in Management and Leadership, and M.S. in Accounting degree programs have been tailored to meet the needs of experienced business professionals and managers seeking upward mobility.

WGU Texas’ online master’s in business degree programs utilize a competency-based approach to education. That means you earn your degree by passing assessments designed to test your knowledge of specific subject matter. If you have already acquired the competencies—perhaps through work or college experience—you can leverage that experience to complete your degree program faster. Furthermore, you’ll have a dedicated mentor to guide you through your entire degree program.

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