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When it comes to preparing for a career in human resources or business management, the WGU Texas B.S. Human Resource Management program is a sound choice. It certainly was for WGU Texas graduate Carol Caldwell, who proved it is never too late to go back to school and never too late to succeed.

As a 9-year-old Texas native, Louis Molnar was eager for financial independence. He began mowing lawns, and through word-of-mouth, his service was in great demand. Louis’ venture to earn his own spending money grew into a successful business, and by the age of 12 he had to hire neighborhood kids

Hard work was paying off for Erika Thomas. The Frisco mother of two was doing well in her product management career at a software company earning promotions every couple of years. Erika had been with the company for almost 15 years and had always thought about finishing her bachelor’s degree,

When Victor Perez, of Katy, was growing up he was taught the importance of hard work and dedication. However, higher education was not emphasized in his family. He was the first of eight children to graduate high school and to earn a college degree. “As I got older, I realized

For more than a decade, Jack Neal, of Corpus Christi, worked in the information technology (IT) field with some college, but no degree. He started his career as an intern for a local engineering company and was promoted to IT manager in three years—a position he held for 13 more

October 17, 2015 was a day that Tammy Jeschke of San Antonio thought she would never see. On that day, Tammy was awarded not one, but two college degrees—her B.S. Business Management and M.S. Management and Leadership —at the 2015 WGU Texas Commencement in Austin. It marked 20 years since

Fast Company recently published The United States of Innovation: Ranking the States [and a district] For Innovation . The report shares their statistical rankings of the states with the most thriving start-up communities and entrepreneurial activities. Texas made the list in a way as big as, well… Texas, coming in

Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article titled “ 25 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs ,” taken from James Stephenson’s book. When we look at the students graduating from our online MBA programs we see these traits as well. They include important attributes like: Do what you enjoy Take what you do

jwplayer("JeffClark").setup({ flashplayer: "", file: "", image: "", height: 150, width: 225, controlbar: "bottom", "logo.file": "", "plugins": "gapro-1", "gapro.accountid": "UA-932736-8", "gapro.trackstarts": "true", "gapro.trackpercentage": "true", "gapro.tracktime": "true", "gapro.idstring": "Texas Talks - Jeff Clark" }); What does the future of IT look like in Texas? Listen as TechAmerica’s Jeff Clark and WGU Texas

So you have an idea that you think is the next big thing? You have a great skill that you’re certain will fill a need in the marketplace? Or you just dream of one day being in business for yourself? You’re on your way to being an entrepreneur. But what’s

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