English Language Learning Programs at WGU Texas

English Language Learning Programs at WGU Texas

ELL programs for licensed teachers in Texas:

Learn the skills and knowledge you need to teach effectively in diverse classrooms. You’ll study the nature and role of culture, the development of language, issues central to assessment in the ELL/ESL environment, and more. With this endorsement, you will be prepared to teach in ELL/ESL settings, earn re-licensure points, and increase your career opportunities.

This competency-based master’s degree program prepares already licensed teachers to develop significant skills in ELL curriculum development, design, and evaluation and to earn licensure to teach in ELL settings. Students study acquisition theory, the importance of cultural groups and cultural identity, research strategies, and more.

NCATE Accreditation


As part of Western Governors University, the online teaching degrees at WGU Texas are approved by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). WGU is the first exclusively online university to receive NCATE accreditation for its degree programs that lead to teacher licensure, a testament to the fact that WGU Texas graduates "have the knowledge and skills to be effective in helping all students learn."

Read more about our NCATE accreditation.

About the WGU Texas Teachers College

WGU Texas offers challenging online teaching degree programs for both current and aspiring teachers. Because WGU is a nonprofit online university founded by the governors of 19 U.S. states, you’ll benefit from both superior online degree program and lower tuition.

NOTE: These programs are not for those who want to learn to speak and write the English language. They are also not for those interested in teaching English in a foreign country or becoming English teachers.

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