Teacher Licensure State Requirements - Texas

How to Become a Teacher in Texas

Updated 10/14/2015

If you aspire to become a teacher, WGU Texas can help. Our teaching certification programs can prepare you to effectively educate others.

Before becoming a licensed teacher in Texas, you must meet all of Texas' teacher certification requirements (for those who have attended out-of-state teacher preparation programs), including:

  • Graduation from a bachelor’s degree program. Students must have a minimum 2.5 GPA to enter any post-baccalaureate or M.A. in Teaching program.
  • Completion of a teacher education program that is approved to lead to teacher certification in the home state of the program and a standard (not temporary or provisional) out-of-state teaching license.
  • Background clearance resulting from completion of the required background check upon application for teacher certification.
  • Passing scores on the required TexES content and pedagogy exams. Please note that these exams cannot be taken until you have completed your WGU program, received initial certification in Utah, and have applied for and received a review of credentials from SBEC.

Note: Listed requirements are current and are subject to change at any time, even during enrollment.

For specific details on how to become a licensed teacher in Texas at WGU Texas, click here.

For the most current information about becoming a licensed teacher in the state of Texas, please check the Texas State Board for Educator Certification website:
Texas State Board for Educator Certification Web site

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