May 2012

jwplayer("Nursing").setup({ flashplayer: "", file: "", image: "", height: 220, width: 200, controlbar: "bottom", "logo.file": "", "plugins": "gapro-1", "gapro.accountid": "UA-932736-8", "gapro.trackstarts": "true", "gapro.trackpercentage": "true", "gapro.tracktime": "true", "gapro.idstring": "Texas Talks - Jan Jones-Schenk" }); According to the Texas Nursing Workforce Shortage Coalition, the demand for full-time registered nurses in Texas exceeds supply

In keeping with our goal to engage and enlarge the conversations in Texas surrounding higher education and workforce development, we’ve launched our podcast series, WGU Texas Talks . Our first interview is with Jeff Clark, the executive director of TechAmerica, Texas. Jeff examines the statewide opportunities present in the IT

jwplayer("JeffClark").setup({ flashplayer: "", file: "", image: "", height: 150, width: 225, controlbar: "bottom", "logo.file": "", "plugins": "gapro-1", "gapro.accountid": "UA-932736-8", "gapro.trackstarts": "true", "gapro.trackpercentage": "true", "gapro.tracktime": "true", "gapro.idstring": "Texas Talks - Jeff Clark" }); What does the future of IT look like in Texas? Listen as TechAmerica’s Jeff Clark and WGU Texas

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