June 2012

jwplayer("STEM").setup({ flashplayer: "https://dz731qs2ievs9.cloudfront.net/jwplayer/5.9/player.swf", file: "http://wguprodvideo-sites-default-files.s3.amazonaws.com/texas/TxTalk2STEM.mp3", image: "https://dz731qs2ievs9.cloudfront.net/texas/JohnFitzpatrick.jpg", height: 220, width: 200, controlbar: "bottom", "logo.file": "", "plugins": "gapro-1", "gapro.accountid": "UA-932736-8", "gapro.trackstarts": "true", "gapro.trackpercentage": "true", "gapro.tracktime": "true", "gapro.idstring": "Texas Talks - John Fitzpatrick" }); Listen as John Fitzpatrick and WGU Texas Chancellor Mark Milliron discuss STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education

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