September 2012

From the Chancellor, Mark David Milliron Last week, I had the chance to keynote Austin Community College’s fall convocation. Faculty and staff convocations are always an exciting start to the school year and this one was no exception. It was fun to be in the room with all of these

jwplayer("Rhodes").setup({ flashplayer: "", file: "", image: "", height: 304, width: 200, controlbar: "bottom", "logo.file": "", "plugins": "gapro-1", "gapro.accountid": "UA-932736-8", "gapro.trackstarts": "true", "gapro.trackpercentage": "true", "gapro.tracktime": "true", "gapro.idstring": "Texas Talks - Richard Rhodes" }); The latest in our WGU Texas Talks podcast series is a conversation with Austin Community College president Dr.

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