April 2013

jwplayer("gerardo").setup({ flashplayer: "https://dz731qs2ievs9.cloudfront.net/jwplayer/5.10/player.swf", file: "http://wguprodvideo-sites-default-files.s3.amazonaws.com/texas/digital-divide-and-digital-democracy-gerardo.mp3", image: "https://wguprodvideo-sites-default-files.s3.amazonaws.com/texas/digital-divide-and-digital-democraxy-gerardo-photo.jpg", height: 304, width: 200, controlbar: "bottom", "logo.file": "", "plugins": "gapro-1", "gapro.accountid": "UA-932736-8", "gapro.trackstarts": "true", "gapro.trackpercentage": "true", "gapro.tracktime": "true", "gapro.idstring": "Texas Talks - Dr Gerardo" }); In recent years the digital divide has migrated from a concern about the ability to access the Internet

Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article titled “ 25 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs ,” taken from James Stephenson’s book. When we look at the students graduating from our online MBA programs we see these traits as well. They include important attributes like: Do what you enjoy Take what you do

In preparation for National Nurses Week (May 6–12th) WGU Texas is pleased to announce our second year of offering the Go Further in Nursing Scholarship. Like last year, we will award five $500 scholarships during Nurses Week to motivated registered nurses who are ready to begin the rewarding challenge of

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