August 2013

At WGU Texas , we’re proud to support our military personnel by helping to protect their future while they protect ours. We’re committed to being a military-friendly university by providing all servicepersons and their family members with a personal, flexible and affordable way to get the education they are seeking.

So often when adults consider putting in the time and effort to earn a degree they find themselves asking, “What will I do with this degree?” This is typically followed quickly by “And, will I be happy?” These are great questions to ask before you begin a degree plan. If

WHITEHOUSE.ORG Yesterday morning President Obama launched a new plan for higher education: “The President’s Plan to Make College More Affordable: A Better Bargain for the Middle Class.” The President’s plan outlines an agenda to combat rising costs, measure performance through a new ranking system, and remove barriers to competition and

“ The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one .” -- Mark Twain Two weeks ago, I proudly began my journey as chancellor of WGU Texas. Although my role

We’ve recently launched a new advertising campaign and we want to share a bit about it with you. The focus of the campaign is our students. At WGU Texas, we celebrate and salute the amazing, resilient, hard-working, multi-tasking, tenacious, relentless achievers who commit to a better life for themselves and

As parents begin to prepare for their kids’ back-to-school weeks ahead, they may also be thinking about their own education. Many busy working adults want to finish their college degrees, or take their education a level higher, but often find themselves wondering if the outcome will be worth the effort.

This week, Ray Martinez begins his role leading WGU Texas as its new chancellor. Founding Chancellor Dr. Mark David Milliron will continue his long history with WGU as a WGU Texas Advisory Board member. Milliron served on the WGU National Board of Trustees for several years prior to serving as

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