January 2016

A trademark of WGU Texas’ nontraditional approach is the faculty who serve as mentors to our students. Student mentors work directly with students to provide personalized support from enrollment to graduation and help students overcome any obstacles that may stand in the way of their degree. Course mentors provide teaching,

As a 9-year-old Texas native, Louis Molnar was eager for financial independence. He began mowing lawns, and through word-of-mouth, his service was in great demand. Louis’ venture to earn his own spending money grew into a successful business, and by the age of 12 he had to hire neighborhood kids

Getting a degree was a journey for Dallas resident Renee Sanabria. She earned her B.S. Business–Human Resource Management degree from WGU Texas in 2015. It took Renee less than eight months to finish what she started 12 years ago. At the age of 18, Renee began working on her bachelor’s

Hard work was paying off for Erika Thomas. The Frisco mother of two was doing well in her product management career at a software company earning promotions every couple of years. Erika had been with the company for almost 15 years and had always thought about finishing her bachelor’s degree,

Calling Outstanding Night Owls to Join the WGU Texas Chancellor’s Club In 2014, WGU Texas established the Chancellor’s Club, which is a group of students and alumni who serve as the university’s ambassadors. For the inaugural year, more than 30 students and alumni were selected through an application process. This

Adrianna Mentis has always kept her word. Years ago, she promised her grandmother that she would be the second grandchild to get a bachelor’s degree. The Dallas resident has led a busy life as a wife, mother of three children, and working a full-time job while piloting a nonprofit organization.

When Mary Harris of League City was in the 7 th grade, she watched her father receive his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. Mary had no idea at that time that her father’s decision to pursue higher education would make such a lasting impact on her. “I remember my father always

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