February 2016

Veronica Vargas Stidvent Chancellor, WGU Texas It’s estimated that in four years, 59 percent of all new jobs in Texas will require postsecondary education. Yet only 32 percent of Texans who are 25 or older currently have a bachelor’s degree. There’s a considerable gap among these figures. If Texas is

By Sally Johnstone Vice President for Academic Advancement, WGU In the past 20 years, the types of people enrolled in colleges have changed. This is likely to continue as state after state sets goals for the percentage of its citizens who need some type of post-secondary credential. These goals cannot

Cedar Park resident Renee DeGroat is less than five months from completing her B.S. Business Management degree. When she enrolled, Renee was still hesitant and wondered if she could juggle being a mother, a full-time employee, and a student, because she had tried juggling these duties once before. “When I

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