September 2016

Higher education is critical to all of our long-term success, be it personal or professional, individuals, employers or the state.

As WGU Texas celebrates its fifth anniversary, the non-profit university is changing the face of higher education in Texas. Since the non-profit university launched in Texas in 2011, more than 5,300 graduates have obtained their undergraduate or graduate degrees, helping to address the state’s critical workforce needs in high demand

I’m writing this blog (my first, incidentally) as I travel to speak at a conference. That means a good bit of time in flight and waiting in airports to catch up on some paperwork from the office that didn’t fit into my daily schedule. In my work satchel, along with the requisite energy drink and granola bar, is a very large stack of applications and resumes for three open positions in my department. They are all just begging me to look at them. I can almost hear each imploring, “Pick me! Pick me!”

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