December 2017

Great teachers have a tremendous impact on individual students as well as on institutions and communities for generations. This helps explain why teaching is increasingly pursued later in life as a second career (or even a third). If you want to switch professions and are ready to...

As a working professional, you have probably assessed the benefits of earning an MBA. Perhaps you have researched schools offering a top-notch curriculum applicable to your specific goals and interests. Maybe you have even...

By Teresa Webb Program Mentor, College of Health Professions As a mentor of graduate nursing studens, I have found that many of the traits necessary to performing as a professionally competent nurse are the same traits required to be a successful WGU student who thrives in our self-paced, competency-based educational

Student loan debt is skyrocketing--Is it possible to graduate college debt free?

Having surpassed the Baby Boomers as “the nation’s largest living generation,” millennials are now an unquestionably influential global force. Your generation adopts technology more quickly, drives changes in workplace culture earlier, influences consumer products more dramatically and demands personalization more often than any other generation.

Whether it’s foreign hackers stealing emails or the recent credit monitoring company’s data breach, our daily lives are dominated by the news and implications of cybersecurity, foreign hackers, and data breaches, as well as the significant threats they pose to personal, business, and government security.

As I begin my tenure, I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue my work in higher education, to focus on opportunities to ensure Texas’ workforce needs are met and to help more Texans achieve their dreams of earning a college degree.

2017 WGU Texas graduate and El Paso resident Michael Arias joined the Army at 19 and began attending college while stationed in Iraq. Michael’s obstacles and adversities never stopped him from achieving his goals of a college degree.

Nursing graduate Christopher Ray took charge of his life and his destiny, going from laid-off truck driver to ER charge nurse in a level one designated trauma hospital.

When Clinton Metu focused on the right career choice, he felt empowered to follow his academic aspirations and completed his B.S. in Information Technology.

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