Go Online, In-State, Full-Speed for that IT Degree

The world of information technology continues its dynamic expansion in Texas. From a vibrant tech start-up culture to large-industry IT shops, there are opportunities for hard-working techie Texans to make a difference. If you want to get a sense of the opportunities here in Texas, take a few minutes to listen to our WGU Texas Talk with Jeff Clark from TechAmerica.

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However, for many already working in the IT industry and in search of credentials that will arm them to advance their careers, there sometimes seems a difficult choice. Go local and part time, juggling schedules with on-ground programs that focus first on prescribed time in class; or go national, with online programs that are often prohibitively expensive and still set prescribed timelines, whether full- or part-time. Neither option is a good fit.

To get a sense of a third choice, check out Jason Franklin’s WGU Texas student story. Thanks to the launch of WGU Texas, you can now go online, in-state, and full-speed. With WGU Texas’ competency-based, mentor-driven, affordable, high-quality IT programs, IT professionals ready and willing to do the work to get a degree have a very different option. Because we measure learning, not time, your speed of completion is based on your knowledge and skill base coupled with your hard work, not a fixed calendar. In short, you go at your full speed. Even better, online IT degree programs at WGU Texas are packed with credentials that count as students cross the finish line, including the ability to earn ten or more industry certifications along the way to a bachelor’s degree and more upon also completing certain master’s degree programs.

We hope you take the time to learn more about your online, in-state, full-speed options for IT degrees with WGU Texas. Because we firmly believe being Texan has its privileges!

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