Growing Our Cybersecurity Defense

New Degree Prepares IT Professionals to Safeguard Infrastructure and Secure Data

Data Security Cybersecurity, foreign hackers, and data breaches continue to grab headlines, while posing a significant threat to personal, business, and government security.

Now, more than ever, growing a strong first line of defense against hackers and rogue nations is critical. A growing portfolio of undergraduate and graduate degree options for IT professionals at WGU Texas will help build this high-tech “army.”

And there’s great urgency in developing new talent and expertise in the field. The unemployment rate in the cybersecurity sector is -6 percent, leading to a severe talent shortage. The talent shortage in cybersecurity combined with the estimated impact of this high-tech form of criminal activity totaling $445 billion to the global economy means Texas and the U.S. should look for ways to put specialized higher education within reach of more students.

WGU Texas’ newest IT degree, the Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (BSCSIA), will prepare students to use knowledge and experience in risk management and digital forensics to safeguard infrastructure and to secure data through continuity planning and disaster recovery operations.

What makes the new WGU Texas’ BSCSIA degree programs even more valuable to IT professionals are the nationally recognized, high-demand certifications that accompany the degree, such as those from CompTIA, ISACA, and Certified Internet Webmaster.

And it’s WGU Texas’ competency-based learning that provides working professional more flexibility in obtaining their degree.

“I've worked in the computer science field since the late 90's. The rapidly evolving landscape of Information Technology has challenged me to constantly grow my skill set beyond a basic understanding of security, networking, regulatory compliance, and business continuity. Based on the unique approach of WGU Texas, I was able to complete my degree and work full time in a dynamic, high pressure office setting where my free time was at a premium,” said Nnaemeka Emejulu of Austin, who earned his Master of Science in Information and Security Assistance and works for a multinational tech company.

In addition to the Bachelor’s and M.S. in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, WGU Texas offers seven bachelor’s degrees in IT-related study areas and three additional graduate degrees in IT.

“As cyber threats and security breaches increase, the demand for highly-skilled cybersecurity experts will continue to expand, making WGU Texas’ IT College an even more attractive option for students,” said WGU Texas Chancellor Veronica Vargas Stidvent. “WGU Texas is uniquely positioned to help educate and develop top talent.”

“Our best hope for meeting the needs of this key sector is to look to our veterans and non-traditional students and equip them with the degrees and training that lead to successful careers on the front lines of protecting our data, finances, and security,” added Chancellor Stidvent.

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