The Lone Star State of Innovation

Fast Company recently published The United States of Innovation: Ranking the States [and a district] For Innovation. The report shares their statistical rankings of the states with the most thriving start-up communities and entrepreneurial activities.

Texas made the list in a way as big as, well… Texas, coming in at number two in entrepreneurial activity. This culture of entrepreneurship is a good match for the competency-based MBA programs in WGU Texas.

MBA mentor Kaelin Muse offered insights on how the model supports the entrepreneurial and innovator mindset. “The competency-based model requires a student to be accountable to him or herself,” she said. “They have to meet deadlines and goals by adapting to changing circumstances. The capstone project drives students to innovate by solving problems within an established organization, frequently by thinking outside of the box. The program’s emphasis on problem-solving and research is very helpful to the students.”

MBA mentor David Moll agrees the authentic learning of the MBA program is a good match for innovators in Texas. “Assignments in the capstone allow students to identify business needs or problems and to act as a consultant, proposing solutions based on at least three strategies they’ve learned in the MBA program. The simulation portion of the capstone allows them to see what types of unforeseen crises they may encounter. It exposes them to a wide range of real-world challenges and provides critical information for avoiding situations and decisions that could result in failure for young businesses.”

And as they learn online, they build the relevant knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the digital age, mastering topics including E-Business, Decision Analysis, Supply Chain Management, and IT project management.

Students can hone their area of focus by selecting one of three MBA programs:

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