On the Road with WGU Texas Chancellor Ray Martinez - Getting Started

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.”  -- Mark Twain

Two weeks ago, I proudly began my journey as chancellor of WGU Texas. Although my role as chancellor is multifaceted, my challenge is to heed Mark Twain’s advice to keep it manageable, not allow myself to get overwhelmed by the complexities of the job, and to get started. 

Part of my ‘getting started’ is getting on the road and meeting all of you. Over the coming months and years, I will travel throughout our great state to meet with as many of our WGU Texas students and alumni as possible. I’ll be eager to hear the inspiration each had for their choice to get started; their success stories of the challenges of balancing family, career and education; and the supreme satisfaction that comes with completing a rigorous degree program at WGU Texas.

As a native Texan who has lived all over Texas, I like traveling by car. It allows me to stop and meet more people along the way. In my second week as chancellor, I began these road trips, and ventured to Houston, where I visited with two current WGU Texas students who got started and are now well into their educational journey. We discussed the merits of WGU Texas’ competency-based education, the flexibility it provides for those working full time, and the quality and credibility that comes with completing a degree program from WGU Texas. I was inspired by their commitment to enhance their career opportunities in their healthcare professions with Master of Science in Nursing degrees from WGU Texas.

What I heard from them reminds me of the wisdom of Mark Twain’s advice to break the big challenges down into small, manageable tasks, and just get started. For many adult learners that’s the path to take. As I head across our great state I plan to meet as many of the 3 million or so Texans who have some college but no degree and encourage them to do just that. I hope the student and graduate success stories I gather from the road can provide them with the inspiration to take that first step, and get started on their individual educational journeys.

I’ll be blogging from the road so please stay with me on this exciting journey. I look forward to the conversations when we meet along the way.


Next stop: Midland - Odessa

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