WGU Texas Student Serves on SXSWedu Panel

SXSWedu is the four-day component of the internationally recognized SXSW festival held annually in Austin. This year, WGU Texas student Connor Gorske had the opportunity to participate in a SXSWedu panel, “Are They Learning? Competency-Based Student Voices.”

WGU, parent university of WGU Texas, is the pioneer of competency-based learning, and Connor described to attendees how our nontraditional, competency-based model is meeting his educational needs. “I am fortunate that I can retain information well, which helps me accelerate faster than others. When I attended a traditional university, I had to learn with the pace of the entire class,” Connor said.

The Round Rock student was like many other teens who started college immediately after high school. Connor attended a brick-and-mortar school until his sophomore year when his financial aid fell short and he could no longer afford to attend. He never gave up on his desire to finish his bachelor’s degree. Connor was introduced to WGU Texas by PelotonU, a partner of WGU Texas.

“Along with the competency-based model, the best part about WGU Texas’ educational model for me is the ability to study on my schedule. I can still work a full-time job and work on my degree,” Connor said.

Connor enrolled at WGU Texas in August 2015 and is on target to complete his B.S. Accounting degree in one year.

“I hope by participating on the SXSWedu panel that I was able to help others understand there are affordable and flexible options for getting your degree like WGU Texas,” Connor said.

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