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We’ve recently launched a new advertising campaign and we want to share a bit about it with you. The focus of the campaign is our students.

At WGU Texas, we celebrate and salute the amazing, resilient, hard-working, multi-tasking, tenacious, relentless achievers who commit to a better life for themselves and their families by earning their degree. They make personal and professional sacrifices along the way to their goal, and we’re happy to have reported previously in this blog post that research indicates our graduates’ work has been worth the effort.

Here at WGU Texas, our annual commencement planning is under way. We’ll be interviewing graduates who want to share their personal stories of success as one of the four student speakers that make the event so memorable and meaningful. We can’t wait to shake each graduate’s hand as they are handed their diplomas, with families and friends cheering from the audience. If you’re one of the hard-working students who crossed the finish line this year, the RSVP form to attend commencement is open at http://texas.wgu.edu/commencement  under the "Information for Graduates" section. Join us in the celebration and consider applying to be one of the inspirational speakers on stage.

If you are a current student and haven’t crossed the finish line, take a peek at this TV spot and get a little extra motivation.

And, whether you are our student, our graduate, or a future student and graduate, join us in celebrating the adults who are the game changers in their families and their work places…our students. 



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