Online Student Tips

When Seguin High School English Language Arts teacher Mark Weber completed his master’s degree in educational leadership from WGU Texas in January, he also became WGU’s 100,000th graduate . The degree is a key part of Weber’s mission to help as many students as possible, including those who may be

It’s estimated that the average attention span is 8 seconds. If you want to get ahead that simply isn’t going to cut it.

Left unchecked, self-limiting beliefs like these can leave you feeling stuck.

When it comes to creating a successful study environment, online learners have more control over where and when they choose to study than a traditional student stuck in a campus classroom. A recent (and unscientific) survey of online university WGU Texas’ students and graduates indicates that, when it comes to

We live and work in an increasingly mobile society and staying connected can be a challenge. At WGU Texas, online doesn’t mean alone.

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