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WGU Texas’ 10,000th student plans to integrate his passion for music with a teaching career in Central Texas.

Susanne York’s first attempt at a college education was almost 35 years ago. She always wanted to earn her degree, but her life took a different path. She married, became a mom, and opened a family business.

For WGU Texas grad Rachel Blust, her Mount Everest was obtaining a college degree. And, just like Everest with its risks and hazards, she had to overcome several obstacles.

If you’ve always wanted to be a teacher in Texas, but worried about pay, student loan debt, or whether or not your work would be valued, here are five good reasons those aren’t reasons to hold back now.

As a wife and mother of nine children with a full-time job teaching middle school math, one would think Amanda Swasso of Canton, Texas doesn’t have much time for anything else.

Rachael Black is the oldest of six siblings and the first in her family to graduate from college. She’s a self-proclaimed “science nerd,” who began her teaching career last fall after receiving her degree from WGU Texas.

The impact a teacher has on the children and youths whom they teach extends far beyond the classroom. At their best, teachers' lessons will be remembered for a lifetime. Teachers have the huge responsibility of helping to build character, teaching discipline and educating the future leaders of our country. You

“My journey is far from over.” Those are the words spoken by Victor Villegas, of Dallas, during the 2014 WGU Texas Commencement ceremony. Victor earned a Master of Education Learning and Technology degree from WGU Texas, and it was a journey he once thought he could never make. “I look

For Charity Martinez of Georgetown, education is the centerpiece in her family’s life. Charity is working toward her Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary Studies (K-8) and while furthering her own education, she is also furthering the education of her four daughters by homeschooling them. Adding to her busy schedule, she also

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