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In an interview with The Texas Standard, Joshua Blank of Strategic Research Associates discusses the highlights of the WGU Texas Third Annual Higher Ed Poll, survey results and what the numbers actually tell us.

There’s no shortage of discussion about how well higher education is delivering for today’s students. A recent Gallup survey provides a snapshot of how well we’re doing.

More than 200 Texas business executives from 40 companies, government agencies and academic institutions, including WGU Texas, participated in the recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Cybersecurity Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Myles Vogel, Chief Information Officer and National Director of the College of IT at Western Governors University, spoke

Today, we released the findings from the WGU Texas Higher Education poll. The poll measured Texans’ attitudes and opinions on a wide range of issues related to higher education. Amidst an ongoing debate about the value of higher education in the United States, the poll found that Texans share a

Before the end of their commencement ceremony, the graduates of WGU's winter class of 2012 already had their first tentative job offer. "If you're interested in finding out about what HCA has to offer, feel free to email me directly," Steele said. "Just to make sure that I won't lose

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