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Community College

Are you attending community college in Texas? Finish to Go Further!

By earning your associate’s degree you’re proving your commitment to your education and increasing the opportunities available to you in your future career. Finish to Go Further by planning now to transfer to WGU Texas after you successfully complete your associate’s degree. Increase your earning potential and take your post-secondary credential to new heights by earning your bachelor’s degree in one of our four industry specific colleges: Health Professions, Teachers College, Business, or Information Technology.

Finish your first 60 hours, earn that credential, and transfer to WGU Texas to Finish to Go Further.

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Benefits include:

  • Tuition discounts of 5% (while making satisfactory academic progress) for your first two terms.
  • The opportunity to apply for scholarships — including a special program that could save you $2,000!

Graduates and employees of Texas community colleges and technical colleges are eligible for these benefits.

As a community college graduate, you’ll benefit greatly from your previous college education—whether you’ve taken just a few courses or earned a degree—through transfer credits. You’ll also benefit from WGU Texas' competency-based approach to education in that you’ll be able to take advantage of your knowledge and skills throughout the duration of your program.

WGU Texas is a nonprofit online university offering you a convenient, flexible education online. Our challenging degree programs are designed by industry experts specifically for the demands of employers, providing you with the enhanced job skills and know-how necessary to be successful in the career of your choice.

WGU Texas opens its admissions to as many students as possible who have the capacity and determination to complete a rigorous online degree program. Yet, WGU Texas is not for everyone. Our standards are high, and so is our commitment to providing a challenging, cost-effective way for hard-working adults like you to finish your bachelor’s degree and move ahead.

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